Auditions – Hamlet

Auditions for Hamlet are this week – 7.30pm Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 December, Lambert Rooms, BoA. The scenes we will be looking at in the auditions are…

Act 2 Scene 2, lines 170 – 216. Hamlet and Polonius
Act 3 Scene 1, lines 88 – 161. Hamlet and Ophelia
Act 3 Scene 3, lines 36 – 72. Claudius
Act 3 Scene 4, lines 8 – 100. Hamlet and Gertrude

CAST NEWS – Anne of Green Gables

Thank you to everyone who attended the casting auditions for “Anne of Green Gables”. Casting details below…

Thank you for coming to audition for “Anne of Green Gables”. There was such a wealth of talent and good reading that the job of casting has been particularly difficult. However, we have now provisionally put together a cast that we feel will create a really believable production.

Please don’t feel upset if you have not been cast in the particular role you wanted – it is just not possible for everyone to play Anne! All of you auditioned really well and we need you to be a part of the show. Some of the smaller parts will be given bits to say that are not necessarily part of the script.

If any changes are made to the cast, I hope you would be happy to help us by taking on another part.

I hope to see most of you on Thursday 11 December at 7.30pm at the Lambert Rooms, Bradford-on-Avon for a read through of the play.

Dee Way (Director)

Character Actors – Act 1 Actors – Act 2
Anne Shirley Eleanor Powell Meg Nott
Marilla Cuthbert Jax Brady Jax Brady
Mathew Cuthbert Phil Courage Phil Courage
Rachel Lynde Liz Siese Liz Siese
Station Master Simon Green Simon Green
Mr Spencer Colin Seal Colin Seal
Mrs Blewitt Clare Emberson + villager
Diana Barry Elin Lee Kate Cooper
Mrs Barry Susanna White Susanna White
Mr Phillips Ian Smart + villager
Miss Stacy + villager? Georgiana Snelling
Prissy Andrews Member of cast ———————-
Ruby Gillis Sarah Smart Anabella Fairgrieve
Josie Pie Kimberley Fowler Kimberley Fowler
Moody MacPherson Noah Heard Ben Ponsford
Charlie Sloane Dougie Bessant t.b.c.
Gilbert Blythe Sam Cooper Fynn Nott (t.b.c.)
Villagers Patricia Parkes, Beryl Baggs,
Ian Pritchard, Frances Hopwood
School Children and
Rhianna Emberson, Etienne Pritchard,
Clara Hewison, Billie Appleton,
Isobel McQueen, Saffie Golbier-Bull,
Lola Brady, Alexia Fletcher,
Faradeh Roberts
Junior School Teacher Faradeh Roberts


Congratulations to everybody involved in our production of ‘A Chorus of Disapproval’. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for the production, and it was a wonderful success in marking our return to St. Margaret’s Hall. Photographs of the production will be available soon..