Anne of Green Gables

Spring Production 2015

AOGGA5Click here for photographs of this productionOur Spring 2015 production was “Anne of Green Gables” adapted for stage by Sylvia Ashby from the book by L.M. Montgomery, and will be directed by Dee Way. Performance dates are 13 – 15 March at St. Margaret’s Hall.

Cast below…

Character Actors – Act 1 Actors – Act 2
Anne Shirley Eleanor Powell Meg Nott
Marilla Cuthbert Jax Brady Jax Brady
Mathew Cuthbert Phil Courage Phil Courage
Rachel Lynde Liz Siese Liz Siese
Station Master Simon Green Simon Green
Mr Spencer Colin Seal Colin Seal
Mrs Blewitt Clare Emberson + villager
Diana Barry Elin Lee Kate Cooper
Mrs Barry Susanna White Susanna White
Mr Phillips Ian Smart + villager
Miss Stacy + villager? Georgiana Snelling
Prissy Andrews Member of cast ———————-
Ruby Gillis Sarah Smart Anabella Fairgrieve
Josie Pie Kimberley Fowler Kimberley Fowler
Moody MacPherson Noah Heard Ben Ponsford
Charlie Sloane Dougie Bessant t.b.c.
Gilbert Blythe Sam Cooper Fynn Nott (t.b.c.)
Villagers Patricia Parkes, Beryl Baggs,
Ian Pritchard, Frances Hopwood
School Children and
Rhianna Emberson, Etienne Pritchard,
Clara Hewison, Billie Appleton,
Isobel McQueen, Saffie Golbier-Bull,
Lola Brady, Alexia Fletcher,
Faradeh Roberts
Junior School Teacher Faradeh Roberts

This play is an endearing story about the difference people can make to each others’ lives, and how a small community finds ways to get along with different individuals. It is set on Prince Edward Island, Canada – an isolated and small community – in around 1900.

The story covers about 4 years of Anne’s life, after she arrives at Avonlea, aged 12, in place of an expected boy orphan. The boy was due to help Mathew Cuthbert with the farm, so his spinster sister, Marilla, is very much against Anne at the beginning as being useless on the farm, but slowly the normal hassles of her growing up bind the three closely together. Anne tries to dye her hair black, gets her friend Diana drunk on home made wine, and plays Lady of Shallot until the boat sinks. She becomes a challenge to Gilbert Blythe, whom she rivals for cleverness and good exam results, and whom she eventually comes to like very much. Anne is a dreamer, Marilla appears harsh and unyielding, Matthew is a gentle soul who is very taken with this waif of a child. Mrs Blewitt is nasty, Rachel is a busybody, Mr Spencer is focussed on his own interests, Diana is Anne’s bosom friend and Josie Pye is mean….