Calendar Girls

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The Bradfordians performance of ‘Calendar Girls’ received fabulous reviews.

“Yes, some people need upsetting, and Phil Courage’s production took plenty of risks as the defiant WI calendar girls bared their buns for charity.

But there was a brave and desperate principle at work in this warmhearted drama – the idea that something, anything – has to be done help those many loved ones lost to cancer.

No wonder Tim Firth’s play is so well-loved, for its affectionate picture of female friendships and its warmly humorous Yorkshire grit.

The Bradfordians used their rich talent pool of women of a certain age, led by Lynne McCaffrey as Chris and Sue Bolden as Annie. As these friends end with an embrace on ‘John’s Hill’, so does the play never loses sight of the larger picture, with its struggles and its triumphs, the landscape, the seasons and the passing of time.

The calendar, which was such an amazingly successful fundraiser in reality, celebrates diversity and maturity in many ways besides the literal bodies of these mature women. The unveiling of Miss September (Karen Payne), for example, was genuinely funny. Mousey Ruth (Tina Scudder) learned how to see off the objectionable and we cheered her on too.

A brave show, which made for a very enjoyable evening, one that sent you home smiling at the unexpected.”

Wiltshire Times