The Pied Piper

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Cast List

We are delighted to announce the cast for The Pied Piper.

Thank you so much all those who auditioned. It was a really difficult task to choose the cast as the standard was so high. First get-together will be 7pm, Tuesday 8 November, at the Lambert Rooms to start learning the music! Exciting times!

Phil 01225 864154 or e-mail

Character Actor
Mayor Duncan Browne
Romilda Georgia Lawrence
Pied Piper Iorwerth Mitchell
Helena Lizzy Ward
Magdelena Felicity Gurr
Ottilie Chloe Ellis
Ludwig Tim Hobbs
Isalda Nancy Hayday
Cook Ian Smart
Arnold Noah Heard
Fabian Ian Pritchard
Elsa Saffie Gelbier-Bull
Klara Claire Corcoran
Sofy Lydia Rowe
Elisabeth Tina Scudder
Anna Sarah Smart
Ursula Lauren Hobbs
Gertrude Dee Way
Lucie Hannah Corcoran
Young Piper Theo Nash